Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrating social media - at South Sydney

South Sydney, the rugby league team, celebrate their fans who follow them on social media.  They have a club twitter account @SSFCRABBITOHS which they use like other organisations.  They also have a page on their website which celebrates how their fans are showing their support for the club and the team, on twitter.  You can look at the leader board of tweeting fans - with links to their twitter accounts, just in case you want to follow them.  They also profile some of their twitter supporters (social fan of the week) and often feature a key tweet on their home page (which many libraries and other cultural institutions also do).  I like the profiling of the twitter fans as it is a way of both celebrating and building community.

Other sports teams may also feature this kind of community celebration, so please treat this as an example.  I liked the way they are bringing the social media to anyone who uses their website.  They are celebrating this kind of support for their team, as well as much more traditional means.  It is about building and connecting to their community of fans, and celebrating them - and I think there are ideas for libraries in this.  They even have a weekly wallpaper featuring different key events and players of the previous week.  It would be lovely if people were so excited about library collections that they wanted to show this by having a different library (museum, gallery or archive) wallpaper on their screen each week.

Thanks to @cfwriter for telling me about this.

It only seems polite to end this post with - #GoRabbitohs

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