Thursday, February 7, 2013

delighting clients with story telling

I have had this sitting as a draft post for while, thinking about the idea of delighting clients with storytelling.  I think there is the need to think about how we can use storytelling for reference services - I like the idea of mixing this with delighting clients, because that is what we should also be doing in out libraries.

I have been thinking about the idea of delighting library clients with storytelling, but managing to do this through the reference and information services provided in the library.  I am not sure what this would look like.  It may look like content creation, content co-creation, collection and recording community events.  It could be a more radical change in how reference interviews take place, and some of the change would be library staff thinking about how a reference interview is story telling, and the research is a process of story exposure.

It may also look like the new World Wide Fund for Nature app which is really well shown and described by FastCoDesign.  This shows what delighting people with story telling can look like - and it contains a lot of information, packaged in a creative and exciting way.   Explore the app and think about how you can delight your clients with story telling for reference and information services.

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